We partnered with SYA in 2009 and since then we have been able to help change the lives of 2000 students at their school. Thank you for the opportunity to help.

We partnered with the Long Beach VA in 2012 and after the working closely with the dedicated clinicians and staff we were able to finally get program at the LBVA. Many great staffers have helped get us to the place we are now. Thank you, Se, June, Jeremy, Michael, Leigh, Chris & John for your dedicated service to the veteran community.

Regular Hero has not only been one of our greatest sponsors, they have taken the helm as our Marketing & Branding manager. We are ever grateful and thank you is not enough.

A big THANK YOU! to designer Daniel Quinones at Sticky Rice for making our idea for a logo a digital reality. We cannot wait to partner with you again. Check out the amazing work they are doing with their brand. Buy a shirt, help a survivor of human trafficking.

Thank you to Ruby the founder of Westside Mommy for doing a fundraiser for us to be able to go to the Philippines. We appreciate your continued support even after our trip.

So grateful for the support of George & Sherie Fischer and everyone at First Financial Equity Corporation. They have sponsored multiple programs and have supported us for many years. Their son Steve Fischer is a dedicated mentor in Photography

We are so grateful to our partners that have helped us over the years and have given their time, love and expertise to our non-profit.  We thank you and nothing that we could ever say or do could truly convey our gratitude. Thank you from all of us at Awaken Arts!